RSC Carbohydrate Group


Carbohydrate Arrays
Synthesis and Applications


16 - 17 October 2007
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre
The University of Manchester



Organising Committee: Sabine Flitsch (Chair), Ten Feizi, Rob Field, Helen Osborn, Jeremy Turnbull, Iain Wilson

Confirmed International Speakers: N. Bovin (Moscow), J. Hirabayashi (AIST Tsukuba), O. Blixt (Copenhagen), P. Seeberger (ETH Zürich), D. Wang (Stanford)



Glycomics, the mapping of all carbohydrate-protein interactions within tissue or an organism, is still in its infancy compared to the subjects of genomics and proteomics. A key technology in glycomics promises to be micro-arrays populated with natural oligosaccharide structures and their analogues. The workshop discusses advances in carbohydrate arrays, which require a diverse range of expertise - from the cell biologists who advise on the most likely interactions to the chemists who produce carbohydrates, arrays and detection systems to define these interactions. The meeting aims to bring together both 'producers' and 'users' of glycoarrays, provide an update of current technologies and provide the opportunity to discuss future directions in the area.



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